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sathi daas

shop and I can became good friends with my clients I became kind of remember the community and ahead in the being I was probably the worst sales person out there because I just couldn't liar if the products out there just to tell it like it is know and that North that's why I'm I actually had a body in mind that came into one-year shops here and there Inc well for years ago is he came out in the shock shaking his head because he said he tooka.m. Osama pulls up to the counter camera was some sort of its testosterone booster something any asked you I'll use actually committed to buying the product than and then he just ask you one of those questions that reinforces the seller so this command you know it's going to do something for me up pretty I heard good stuff about this it's totally just totally did everything he could motto sell its yeah that sounds like he I you know like it was very a.m.very weird I thought that what I heard that story that I’ve never ever heard anything like that before and that's something that I think is a wonderful characteristic about you because you just tell it like it is about supplement about a supplement if it is going to work you'll see it works if it's not going to work then you know this just in your blood you know and understand that I think that the views at home would appreciate Neuro3x that as well now what is it that you've seen in the industry the just blows your mind I mean I know that you’ve there's tons is you know this too long to tell right now but I what is it that you're frustrated with that you've seen in the industry that made you want to get into doing your own supplement line you know I guess who where to even start Kyle you know the first in a kind of talk about is how powerful greed is and so many guys in this industry with you know delusional dreams how much.

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