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joss butler

Showed in this last fight you see 167 again so it's a pair that Hendrix’s physically had Overmastered which is not something we'd seen before but Hendrix was so big it hit so hard it was skilled enough to shut down GDP's game GASP I didn't have the quickness didn't have the strength to just controlling the way he controlled opponents in the past and it just makes you wonder what is Robbie Crawler had been around during ESP's heyday during his own athletic peak could Abatement probably with shakedowns Hannah dominate in top position game he could have gotten Robbie Trawler down to control them that man Robbie Lawyer compassion man driving dollars Androx got heart skills and any good yeah I would love to have seen that fight this is an open question my mind whether or not Jess P could handle all are back in the day could swallow as a right now to 2014 is clearly state-of-the-art welterweight just as tough as it comes skilled brave powerful fearless and but jests was missing in that championship extra the John index had to come out and dominate that fits round and what a feat that is a Making Margin you're dominating a guy routes killing ague for two rounds anything I can do this but you take his parents Larry Sanders and any hardship really bad & Poor's at all and dominate you two rounds hurt you bad Mitch a rematch an anyway fun.

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