The brain sharpness

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Janet Hutto

the back up the break I'd come back to that but there is evidence that early visual areas are being affected by learning to read if we do the same exact manipulation with pictures we get a different topography you see that it's volatile or it involves more the vent or region so the cruciforms said such that we get the huge interaction your and that’s very important people have contested the existence of the visual word for the area on the grounds that it response to line drawings of pictures so it might not be selective two words but when you can't hold very nicely forth stimuli that was done here you see that there is in fact specialization forwards and the specialization as I said can goal the way to areas v 1 and v 2  Neuro3x  were the only part of the occidental system there is a strong girl response to letters there perhaps because we learn to read extremely fine print in so we needed a smaller city feels that the early on in the visual system but the nice thing about this experiments we can look at the beat him in effect the pie fillings for nine junctions over just segments in objects Alden words and you know.....

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The brain sharpness in new york
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The brain sharpness in new york
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The brain sharpness in new york
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