The brain sharpness

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Jenny Sharp

the office by yourself when afternoon two armed men come and a rob her at gunpoint five times in 15 magnify they hold the gun to her head and the one man says I will kill you in her imagination she sees her Blaine's spattered on the wall and before they leave they maker strip naked they locked her in a closet they do not physically assault her at this time it awful months later this woman's entire life is in shambles be cut the thing she imagined are so embedded in her subconscious that there’s a party for that actually believe she died there's a part she wept winter period came because she wasn't pregnant and these guys had not touched her Neuro 3x butt back image was shown real that when she finally got into counseling the thing they had to deal with what she thought it happened the human mind is incredibly powerful the problem with POTSDAM is you cannot fixity you as a layperson cannot fix it for somebody else they need it....


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The brain sharpness in new york
the back up the break I'd come back to that but there is evidence that early visual areas are being ...
The brain sharpness in new york
Brain in New York
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