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A six-year not like that but you do realize that I love tanks and I love purple so I think that’s what looks best on me and I have stuff everywhere on my hand and I didn't wash in between himself and that's it. to go and not wash my hands %uh I hope you enjoyed it I hope she’ll well I don't know I love watching other people's stuff Aim I don't know if it's the warrior in me but I just find it fascinating to look at YouTube videos where you guys give it to review how so took your bedroom into a few bass from Ohio organize your stuff and what products you use that why use this product for Siesta product that swatches and things like that I just I don't know I'm back I'm hope you’re not the only one yeah obviously I'm I possibly can be otherwise  Yacon Root Max  those videos would not be you know that popular on YouTube but I thought it was time for me to do mine since I finally finished ER on the vanity bomb I just said early in this video I’m starting new series course lectures and stuff and I'm not sure to do it twice a month ended premise I'll is basically me randomly picking products I'm going to do what I shadow one blush one lipstick and interface products and that would be for the swatches and 42 stuff it's funny in a by-law on mom you know Chris medical skincare   a food item and maybe something I read all interesting just random stuff but I'm gonna try to do on cannot be regular series and that would be the platform probably forma give away so I have to give away two free giveaway coming upon some other stuff I'm waiting to receive in the mail this going to be a big Bath and Bodywork's giveaway but I'm not telling you what it is I alt so yeah give me a thumbs up if you like this video subscribe a few brand.

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