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You can see that by the biceps peak he has which is no joke it's one of his strongest attributes and um but as a search as a tall guy if you try and do them for instance the way Phillips doing them you’re just not going to get the results and you're probably end up like all the other tall guys over614 616 even sex with two just call and get the development especially biceps peak do know how rare bicep speakers on ague over six foot two coming up 6 with four specially now also way I do them absolute full range of motion um as much as I possibly can without snapping my elbow of um that's what you need to do doesn’t matter if it feels like a head's going to explode which I assure Pure Nitrate you when I was doing this my head felt like it was going to explode so that’s what you need to do um so the second torment training tip Isa full range of motion and full extension all the time scream through the weights whatever that's what you need to do and you need to do it when you bench when you squat a when you press when you do behind the net presses you see some guys doing behind the net presses and they do partials lower the rate all the way down to it touches the back of your neck and press it back up um it's just it's the way it works and it’s what I found that's how I've managed to put this much mass naturally um on a6-foot-4 frame and my life a my height is 6-foot-4 on the do that’s not a roundup at 6-foot-4 on the dot again what's the way for the does is some preacher bench machine girls here and what's the way I do them um I should step into the frame now and some you should see um a full range of motion which I do religiously um know you have to do it as a tall bodybuilder 'me know it as affect she as full extension as you can a without snapping your elbows Pinhole and you get some Pure Nitrate people who look at short ague sometimes and they say it is not doing a full range of motion he's not doing the movement property is not actually curling oppressing the wait will that's nonsense um they don't need to do a full range of motion and in fact they benefit more often um from apostles it stimulates the biceps more on a shorter on to do partials um and it’s the same.

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Hey You could definitely see your skllis in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart. No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and

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How to build your muscle in NY
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Improve your muscle with best supplement in NY
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Improve your muscle with best supplement in NY
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