How to build muscle

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You watch enough for get ready and begin alright arms fully extended out bottom curl up as high as you can the top without letting up elbow cake for your keeper over directly underneath your shoulder the entire time because the form is the most important thing in this exercise you actually don't need to use as heavy a dumbbell if you keep your form nice and solidi a few more repetitions to go through Gmax almost done and there's your ass repetition rate dear to him later relax and there's a in the round to run around three composite here if you need a little bit more rest otherwise mister right back over again certain right in with those push ups trust or fructose he can you can always switch to the easier version of those knees we always want to challenge yourself as much as you can only try these exercises ready and begin getting nice treat my shoulder all the way down let me it's nice and low Olympic up to higher demand dropped 20 nice fluid motion keep a nice pace almost done just a few more through and there’s your last one right there good way to relax now onto the bed reversed writer and stand-up grab those dumbbells reverse a slight bend the knee can get ready and stirred up with those hands open slightly forward to go as high as is comfortable to really push that range emotion keep that just tilted over towards the ground you want that back perfectly flat minute or so is parallel to the grounds possible summer slate been those knees who's got a few more through one more last repetition rate they're gonna relax and get ready for overhead press nurse walker those dumbbells we need to otherwise use the same ones stand nicest ring talking about nice history ready and begin makes you press those arms trader who worked up a sure is nice and high regular street.

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