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Megan Kaylee

wondered how some celebrity seem to get leaner in leaner and look better and better as they get order well let me first tell you what they're not doing they're not doing some generic Diana book magazine our online report and they're definitely not relying on some miracle pill the diet industry is paying them to endorse check this out new research shows their metabolic changes that happen to your body when you get to eighteen to twenty years of age that alters the way your body uses certain foods depending on your genetics these metabolic changes can make you gain weight even if you're eating the same foods in the same amount that you've always been eating or worse even lesson you've always been eating maybe you experience it yourself after high school or college or maybe you’ve noticed that when you ran into a friend you haven't seen in a few years maybe even realize it until you look at photos of yourself just a few years back inside thinner younger more attractive version of yourself the what you see in the Mir today obviously this bothersome waking is totally not your fault because Intel now you've had no choice but to write it off to genetics or your metabolism slowing down a match in a certain foods can rejuvenate and reprogram your metabolism to overcome your genetics and ensure you get leaner as you age well the best celebrity nutritious overcome genetics increased fat melting metabolism that have stars turning heads for decades I refer to this track as age-defying nutrition now this is where it gets good a younger body is 

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