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back area is the kneel on the floor facing a chair for batch interlock your hands above your head in bend forward to rest them and top at the bench allowing your head to drop slowly beneath the surface exhale and let your head and chest sank to the floor make sure your forearms are parallel relax into it and hold for 15 to 30 seconds repeat two or three times for your packs stand beside a poll for inside the doorjamb extend your arm out to the side bend the elbow ninety degrees with your hand pointing toward the ceiling now place the interpretive year for me elbow and the polar door jamb take a step forward in lean your body forward just slightly into you feel a stretch hold for 30 seconds for a second pic stretch place your hands behind your back with one hand resting on the other lift your arms up in back as far as you can and hold for 30 seconds nice what the position if your hands and repeat again two to four times each for more details on the importance and science of stretching please review the stretch pad included toward the end of this program replenish your body right after you ‘refinished training see the nutrition segment this program for more information well truly successful resistance training has as much to do with the power of your mind as it does with the size you're packs with all the Insight expertise our team has brought to you throughout the series I want to make sure that one crucial point becomes loud and clear concentration means everything not just physically concentrating tension your muscles but mentally concentrating and technique preparation nutrition and very importantly and staying motivated what motivates the most successful resistance trainers you might think you can have chest and shoulders you see every month in Muscle & Fitness or increase athletic skill for weightless or improve metabolic health sure all these things go a long way but true 

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