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Over the next two hours now I've done this with kids who have been involved in some of our study think only yup can't drink it 75 grams anybody know how many grams sugar are in a bottle of about 75 grams it so I tell that it doesn't make a difference somehow I near you know when you ‘rechecked into the Clinical Research Center 75 grams same insurmountable so let's see I just wanna show you here's normal shown in green you drink 75 grams of glucose and your blood sugar rises it peaks right around 30 minutes and it comes nicely down back to normalcy two hours that's normal impaired glucose tolerance looks like this the blood glucose rises peaks a little bit later right around one hour and its days significantly raised at two hours it doesn't return to normal take 2 diabetes is shown here and read and what you can see here's a huge upswing in the blood sugar that remains above two hundred milligrams per deciliter at two hours okay so in yellow this is impaired glucose tolerance for prediabetes and red is actual diabetes and that ‘show this is diagnosed using an OGTT so to understand pre-diabetes and understand this Pink Garcinia progression metabolic syndrome have to remind you little bit about in sin a lot of people think insulin as the diabetes hormone some kids who come to our clinic call it the diabetes home really insulin is unnecessary hormone that weal on me in order to store and nutrients and to grow so inflammatory call the storage hormone allows for transport sugar into muscle and fat cells it promotes storage up this glucose as glycogen in the liver and muscle it also promotes storage a fat in the fat cells the adiposities and stimulate differentiation a fat cellos this isn't very important our minds especially important during stages of growth such as infancy pregnancy and puberty when I'm showing you here.

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