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Hours destroyer your place now clarinet any new news on gun front man to but where does it thank you cancer fear anger and here is that weird but got shot guns and I correct each other back let's again and I'm that's right I interrupted you because you got off track Rachel please help I'm getting tired are professionals you and me now I know she's um you're frustrated there's no action saying how can I had you know there's no action can you Rachel how do we know this you know how we know this just telling the truth that's all he knows I changing that we're aware up now is your way to see that there's action that's why I guess what we're asking how do you see action and hearsay make videos and once a weekend you know we could discuss what have Ultra Ketone System what we did today this week to go the direction that we need to go and chilled by example how to do that you can't have a peaceful and your head in the game whatever not everybody's cup position not everybody’s got everybody in OT retirement levels of consciousness and awareness here vary from zombie till wide awake so enact between and so you can expect to come on here and say look I know what's up and you catch when I’m telling you just can't expect what makes you think that I really care I mean I'm here because I do care but I mean at the same.

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