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sunil narin

Your neck pressing to the ground if that's the case train your channel a bit more towards the back wall you need enough space behind your neck to at least in search your head press the backup your skull into the ground as you lift in lower also strengthened in 45 through the neck take one last inhalation you bring yourself up you can refer to this posture later this is the bridge Excel release down next phase I like you live few feet off the floor lower legs are now parallel with the ground spread and squeeze 380 several times notice the energetic connection your toes have a defeat warm up to the ankles by putting in flexing through the feed anew times stay strong in your corner to keep your legs lifted unstable start to rotate your feet in auricular directions while your feet are turning softly turn your head from side to side notice how this affects your coordination notice how it affects your breath if you feat turning but now turn them One Moment Essential Day Cream  in the opposite direction keep your head turning and now will stop the motion keep your legs where they are the instruction a simple we're going to in Hill lift your toes to work the sky and then on an exfoliation you gonna pump your heels kick into your seat reading through the nose going to look and sound like this inhale we left Excel try to send the breath though calmly through both nostrils to balance through the solar lunar channels in the body see if you can increase your rhythm slowly little faster now one deep inhalation extend your legs all the way up towards the sky Clear-lake together will call this the intermediate position so you can remain in this position if you have neck or back issues I'd like you to either stay in this position or lower the soles of the feet and take bridge you with the arms flat or interlaced under the seat if and only if you're going to practice the shoulder stand let's look at safety first and foremost lower yourself down to the mat keep your knees bent again please ensure.

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