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you are you running it. its replying back with the wreck or placing gas I'm running I P my house is alive so this is telling me a couple things than about what's going on in the communication between them if we look at this within the scope of the OS I modeled that we talked about before ICMP is working at the network layer it's a layer 3protocol that runs on top of the other restive the layer to you and the layer one network so this protocol with the other paintings is a good test just to make sure that the physical can activity between the devices so we would say that this is our Windows machine and this was this is really switch to you here but I now know that there's nothing wrong in the physical layer between them so some others there’s physical connectivity somehow there's also Ethernet connectivity which is running at layer 2 and I now know I have collectively up to at least layer 3 now this tool king is probably one of the most basic network testing tools there is out there is just going to tell us that there's nothing wrong with the physical network under in it's also going to tell us that if the devices are not on the same subnet that the IQ routing feature is working between a so we’ll talk about that in more detail when we get to routing about if the Windows machine and switched you were      642-813 not on the same subnet but they were still able to ping each other it means routings fine now right now they are on the same subnet so they don't need to route to reach each other they're just going to have our local can activity and what's known as the broadcast domain is where people who are sharing the same subnet are going to be now this doesn't necessarily tell me that there applications.


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