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174 Hampstead Rd, Clearview, SA 5085
+61 08 83690977

Jax Wholesale Cars is Adelaide's largest affordable priced dealership with over 100 vehicles in-stock at wholesale prices. All of our vehicles are workshop tested and detailed prior to sale. Our customers know that we care about them. We make it obvious to them through our trustworthiness and by employing talented, considerate salespeople. We've been in the automotive industry for over 30 years so our integrity is invaluable to us as it helps us to build a positive reputation in the community.

1.00 out of 5 from 2 reviews
rating 1/5 Date: 21/12/2021
went to look at buying car yesterday from jax motors on 21/12/2021 and we happened upon the most unfriendly salesman ever. seemed disinterested in even talking. never even greeted us with a smile or even told us his name or ever asked us who we were. I told him we are here to look at nissan xtrail that was advertised. anyway without saying anything he went inside and a good time later he came out and basically nodded for us to follow, as the car was'nt even in the car yard. it was across the street in the enfield hotel carpark, unregistered. he seemed to be in a hurry and he put the key in and started the car but i wasnt ready to drive it yet.i noticed there was a big ding in the side that was'nt in the pictures advertised. anyway i was prepared to not worry about the ding as i only wanted a car for 5months while waiting for a new car we had ordered. then i opened up the bonnet to see the engine working and to check if things seemed okay there and when i asked him about the timing chain i could see he was getting agitated. He kept pressuring me to buy. i said i will take it for a drive and before i could finish what i was saying he interjected and said "and then" and i repeated what i was trying to say that i would take it for a drive and make up my mind after. again with the "and then" he was getting really strange now. i think he wanted me to commit to buying before i drove the car. i am not young, 72 but i think he thought he could bully me. i said again we will take it for a drive and make up our mind after the drive. that put him over the edge, and with that he turned the car off pulled the keys out and told us to fuck off. i have never seen such a rude salesman as that, well tempers become inflamed then as i was disgusted with his attitude as we came there cashed up with all intentions of buying that car and then to be treated in such a rude manner. i think because i am elderly he thought we didnt have the money as he was blurting something about being in the business 20 years and i remember saying to him 20 years too long and then he said i probably didnt have the money anyway. such a rude arrogant man, a real waste of space and a terrible terrible salesperson. i won't call him salesman as he is no man but a pathetic, disrespectful blight on the used car industry itself... i really don't know how he is still in business... stay away and buy from someone who doesn't treat people like a piece of shit. i want santa to put a large piece of coal in his xmas stocking..,
rating 1/5 Date: 23/02/2016
if i could give a lower star i would cause the star its gotten now isn't worth the shit we went through. we brought a car and it had 4 bald tyres. David said he would pay for all the tyres to be replaced only to be told when we picked up the car, he would only replace the 1 tyre. over the weekend we heard a shudder and knocking coming from the back of the car. so we took it to a suspension place to be told that the car was un road worthy and it needed over $2000 of work to get it back to road worthy standard! this bastard is a lieing, cheating male chauvinistic perving pig that forces you to buy the car without letting you test it properly. he is very nosey and when you call him on the phone he is rude and swears at you but as soon as your face to face, he is a complete coward. save your time, stress levels and money and PLZ avoid jax wholecar sales at all costs.

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