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Addison aja

I he when I'm sad and food Addict as it can happen for everyone come on all chocolate cake you I'm going to make you the way you want got depends on what's deep down three jam great mail routing you for the sampling no are you serious okay have you I do feel my weight is a problem it's problem because I can't play the kids like I want to yeah I'm okay the correct okay smell for me I my mom was very young when she had me so my grandparents ended up taking care of me to my grandmother she's made sure we had more than enough to eat and we had dessert every male the MENA eat up thinking about the next no and in-between that mail before that no gets there any a snack some have been a snack in-between meals and snacks in between sections this is my weakness Terry feeling pineapples cake mix and two cups have melted butter going to eat that the mall literally any activity that I do walking breeding everything is compress and I'm along heavy for my heart and it took them around and I want to goon of and to you are overweight you would never understand it there's no off switch to my brain with food you know shits a hundred I just can't stop it want to your arms your tell you why is white has taken over his life he’s just so and cue to overeating in the overcooking he doesn't know any other way picas in three boxes mushrooms pick you don't see how well known army are you hold me know what you human shield but don't think he'll take you for as much this 6 servings right thing I know but something for so much the Y three boxes that's how my mother cupcake.

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