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Did not transformed rule the second principle is to maintain a balance the two crosses disciplines in our portfolio and takes on the whole spectrum a basic translational clinical populations signs as pick to lead into I've had the privilege of being engaged in each for those domains research to presented these collaboration and working I in team science and it’s given me an appreciation for the complementary nature into those domains how really there interdependent in terms of asking and answering important scientific questions to clean those questions did have levels of complexity and have public health significance into increasingly I think it's important again me do more important in these fiscal environment that we maintain that balance thirdly I think we have important obligation to inch word that reversal in remission which is the to turn discovery science into the and enhancements in the help with the nation on in order to do that it's important for us to fulfill that mission by supporting implementation science that empowers patients & Partners did systems on then improve the health of the nation and health outcomes that needs to safer colon be part love what we do and again visited 100 congressman to the campus over the last a year gender Stan is unprecedented is because we do me to make the value proposition for our investment new and a critical part love %uh value proposition make to public and the people’s representatives who appropriate are her budget I isn't it articulating that linkage between how our investments in your investigator initiated research%uh enhances the lives their constituents to-do for them I and I think the when the compelling the woman said that is being able to chemistry how important affect those investments are having 1 practice patient outcomes indeed public's expenditures over health care dollars fourth principle is really to train and diverse a new generation of leaders in science and it's probably self-evident on the two I'm to clean passionate about ensuring that we have a diverse Bema workforce when he did that on is pursuing.    

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