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we got there okay and here Imean honestly delicious see how you'd only did she seethis free recipe but book I mean is a Michael nutrition Biblecourse I turned to the beltway pound section yes feel without 31 do that right this meright he I even over the last few weeks yeah we can be getting more and moretestimonies about the nine hundred because we just have been putting out there tothe kids yeah right so you know it's now is to just so this is on the 600 all these theserecipes but now we got even more powerful I know it's it's incredible biggercontainers like you are asking for I know okay so we're off to the phonesthis time to New York maria's calling where you live with David here hsnwelcome maria most thank you I bought a new to fill bullet back in I leave it was Decemberwhen you can announce an ass and I have to say that mygrandchildren now make their all smoothie whatever they wanna put in a do it I like it because it's safe for them to you there's nothing that'sgoing to harm their fingers her anything and I like hair but I have to say that I also like the fact that it has all I gotthe recipe book and it has are sections for people whoare diabetic yes I like to are your I recipes tired got like sugar baby is anice shirt Rawle I love yeah it has in helping me it helps me her dole's car in you know all that that is now our top not good for someone at I that's adiabetic yeah question for you yes have you everheard a week grass yes I have okay wheatgrass juice I wanna show you something this is we'venever done on TV before we've never been able to exit the halfhour yeah bomber show you some you only have to go to a health foodstore to get wheatgrass you have to go get wheat grass you shop where story have to have a special juicer ratethere she there's.

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