99% Male Sex Hormone Powder Mestanolone (skype:maggie.yu42)

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Name:  99% Male Sex Hormone Powder Mestanolone  521-11-9  
Synonyms: Mestanolone ;521-11-9;hormone Steroid
CAS No.:  521-11-9  
Formula:  C20H32O2  
Molecular Weight:  304.47  
EINECS:  208-302-6  
Density:  1.064 g/cm3  
Melting Point:  191 degrees Celsius 
Boiling Point:  416.1 degrees Celsius at 760mmHg  
Flash Point:  177.6 degrees Celsius 
Purity: 99%
Related Substances: Pharmaceutical grade
USES: used in the treatment of male hypogonadism and sperm 
reducing infertility.
Appearance:  White or almost white crystalline
Storage: Keep it under seal in cool and dark place
PackAge:1kg/ Foil Bag or According to Your Requirements
DeliveryTime: within 2 days after payment
Port: ShangHai