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1.59 out of 5 from 34 reviews
rating 1/5 Date: 20/10/2020
Completely agree. Stinky like doody poo
rating 1/5 Date: 20/10/2020
Completely agree. Stinky like doodoo
rating 1/5 Date: 20/10/2020
Its stinky like a poopoo
rating 1/5 Date: 24/08/2020
Just cunts
rating 1/5 Date: 20/04/2020
Agree with the majority of people on here. They are scammers.
rating 1/5 Date: 09/03/2020
DO NOT use Beastwear, They take your money and don't supply any product. They hide behind an answering service and never call you back. Absolute Crooks!!! They wont even respond to Qld & NSW Office of Fair Trading claims against them. They should be shut down. Ripping everyone off, scum!
rating 1/5 Date: 02/01/2020
Do not buy from this company. You will never receive your items.
rating 1/5 Date: 17/10/2019
Pathetic. Wish there was a zero star option. DO NOT USE THEM Ordered cricket shorts for our team on September 2nd. Paid for 2 week express service. Had to follow up every step of the way. Got told the shorts were dispatched 3 weeks after we ordered and we would get them in 1-2 days. When we asked why it had taken so long when we had paid extra for an express service silence. They just kept our money despite not providing on the express service. A week later still no shorts. On follow up told don't know where they are will follow up with Australia Post. Then told Australia Post have found them will check for damage. Then told by them Australia Post will send them back to Beastwear to check for damage. I asked them to get Australia Post to send them directly to us and no need to go back to them. Silence. When i asked for a contact at Australia Post got told they didn't have one. Mmmm interesting how they had been dealing with Australia Post without a contact number or person. Shorts finally arrive mid October after paying for a two week service on September 2nd. You guessed it they were terrible. Not one pair of shorts matched the size guide they provided us. Every single size was 10cm or much more smaller than the size guide they provided. In short i provided photographic evidence of each pair of shorts showing the discrepancy (as per their request). Despite showing them they had made a huge error they will not provide a refund, nor accept the goods back. We are this morning dealing with it legally. They don't understand i have kept every email that shows every inconsistency in their correspondence. We are getting a statement from Australia Post as to the veracity of their comments in email to me about Australia Post etc. They have given us crappy goods, it has been shown to them and now they refuse to do anything about it. So we will. All this over a $600 refund for their massive mistake. I will be contacting every cricket club in Australia to let them know about our experience.. DO NOT USE THEM
rating 1/5 Date: 24/09/2019
DO NOT ORDER VIA THIS MERCHANDISER. Has ripped off so many sporting clubs, product is very cheap Chinese product, often with wrong wording & sizing does not match Australian standard. Beastwear once they have suckered you in & take your order/payment go MIA & are very aggressive when asked for answers - AVOID AVOID AVOID!! They have taken the option down to leave a Facebook review - says it all!
rating 1/5 Date: 02/06/2019
Placed order with “express” time frame extra payment per shirt.. 10 days passed and nothing received.. I made multiple calls and emails and was advised they weren’t going to arrive until the Monday after the event... Monday came and no tracking number.. email system was “down”... still waiting on my product, fingers crossed they got the shirts correct in size and with personalised details...
rating 1/5 Date: 01/06/2019
ABORT: Do not do business with Beast(scam)wear! I wish I had read reviews before the fact. I rarely write reviews, good or bad, although feel I have a duty on this one. Beastwear is, by far, the worst gear I've seen in my sports career. It's clear that Beastwear cut all corners in quality to maximize profits, to the point that it's borderline cash theft. Yes, these operators are thieves. My team are the Brooklyn Kings in the USA Rugby League. We ordered kit for the 2019 season. When sending sponsor logos, I asked to save one spot on our shorts for a TBD sponsor. That sponsor never eventuated, then I received 30 pairs of shorts with, "SAVING ONE SPOT FOR GYM. TBD ASAP." on the back of every pair. Nope, this is not a joke! PM for photos. I reached out to Beastwear expecting an ownership of the error and replacement. Negative! And when I didn't order replacement shorts (which was obviously their tactic), they canceled our shipment of socks. So we're now wearing ridiculous shorts and are sock-less. This is just the beginning. We created a store with Beastwear to sell to our fans around the world. As the Founder of the team, I excitedly purchased one of everything. Wow, what a debacle! The training shorts are literally basketball shorts. I'm 80 kg / 5'11", and a large comes down to my shins. The varsity jacket (priced at a whopping $99), is a thin, flimsy rain jacket, worth no more than $10 made somewhere in Asia. Similarly, the beach towel is more like sandpaper that I'll never use on my direct skin (perhaps as a blanket if I'm ever stuck in the Antarctic and no bears around to get snug with), and the hoodie ($79) is just as bad quality. PM for photos. Even worse, many players and fans have bought from the store up to four months ago, and are yet to receive anything. This is just straight up robbery. Please, abort before it's too late. Don't be a sucker like us.
rating 1/5 Date: 26/05/2019
AVOID! Shocking rude service - these guys are crooks. Order came 6 weeks later than promised, and when arrived everything was completely wrong. Wrong sizes, wrong materials, Very poor quality then when we noted defects in material we were told we were "misusing" the uniforms and it was somehow our fault, and when commenting this would not go down well in our sporting community, threatened with solicitors. Now determined to make sure everyone knows the experience our club had.
rating 1/5 Date: 29/10/2018
29/10/2018 We are a charity organisation that did a lot of fundraising just to buy the shirt for our run event. They didn't arrive for the event, the customer service was pathetic. No phone calls made, the rep wasn't informed properly. Nothing from start to finish was correct, once the order arrived too late it was only half the order anyway. The second half came even later, sizes poor, color poor. Unless you are a big player do not waste your time you will be considered a 2nd rate customer.
rating 1/5 Date: 06/09/2018
We have been waiting 16 weeks for the final part of our order to arrive. Paid $150 to have sample test swatches created to match our clubs colour scheme. Once design and colour was approved, we placed our order in May. Receipted for full payment, a week later (1st week of June). Order was supposed to arrive 4 weeks later, according to their website policy, roughly the end of June. After 12 weeks of waiting, and an email and phone call questioning where our garments were, we finally received our club jackets and singlets, but no leggings. Upon questioning again in another email, as they refuse to call any customers, I was told that they would not be taking any more of our club's orders, because of my "tirade and bombardment of phone calls and emails" - one call and one email is a tirade apparently, and that I shouldn't be questioning them as to when we should be receiving our garments. The jackets were what we ordered, however the singlets were not what we approved and came in a different colour altogether, to the design and sample that was given to us. After contacting them again, to ask for a refund or a at least a remake, they informed my again via email, that they would not be accepting any more of our club's orders and that they would not waste any more time on our worthless order. We are now up to the 16th week of waiting and have not seen sight of our leggings. I have had no luck going through Fair Trading to get them to mediate between us. They will not give me a time or date they they will despatch these items, so I assume, that we just won't receive them at all. We will have to cut our losses and be out of pocket several hundreds of dollars, of which our club just cannot afford. BEASTWEAR ARE THE RUDEST AND MOST UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY OUT... WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER....DO NOT USE BEASTWEAR!!!!
rating 1/5 Date: 04/09/2017
Absolutely Appaulling..wouldn't give it 1 star, makes me sick Poor kids missed out on the uniforms for finals due to their lies, poor management and disgraceful communication. Should be closed down before it affects others..
rating 5/5 Date: 12/03/2017
I placed my order for 100 shirts All arrived on time and was all very nice I dont know what the other people are complaining for Got a great price, quick replies and my gear on time Very very Happy
rating 1/5 Date: 07/03/2017
WORST COMOANY EVER!!!!!!!! Steer clear! This guy is a LIAR and a THIEF! Lodged a complaint with the ACCC as he broke multiple laws!
rating 1/5 Date: 04/03/2017
ABSOLUTELY disgusting company and I wish I had of seen these reviews plus the other reviews around online about this company. Sent our order with a shirt missing and refuses to accept any fault basically because he thinks his human employees can't make any mistakes and there is no possible way they shipped my order without all of them in there. Which they did !!! Absolute joke ! We are a volunteering small team which we got new shirts for so not a big job, so we are able to count them and all money counts for us. After seeing these reviews I hope karma comes and bites hard for this company !!! I advise everyone to check their package including big clubs!!
rating 1/5 Date: 17/11/2016
STAY AWAY! This guy is rude, products are sub-par. refused a refund when the invoice was messed up by beastwear. He requested more money. Held our money ransom and refused to provide the product until under duress we accepted the faulty product. Design is poor. So sad we were going to order 60 more shirts. This guy wont get another cent.
rating 1/5 Date: 17/11/2016
WORST EVER!!!!! Lodged a complain with ACCC. I suggest everybody here does to get this guy shut down.
rating 1/5 Date: 03/08/2016
rating 5/5 Date: 16/07/2016
Would just like to inform you of the order's safe arrival. I am 100% happy with the products quality and how quickly it arrived. Also absolutely pleased with the customer service and communication. 5 star rating. Thank you so much! Marianna
rating 1/5 Date: 16/05/2016
Probably the WORST company I've dealt with. Everything that could go wrong did. Late, wrong colours, wrong sizes, some missing altogether and worst of all, little or no communication throughout after many attempts. Stay away.
rating 5/5 Date: 12/05/2016
i always have had no issues with this company. great gear, easy to deal with
rating 5/5 Date: 08/05/2016
We have used Beastwer for the past 5 years for delivery We changed the design each year and they always show us the image before we pay. They are always on time, usually the goods arrive before we expect them. Quick responses albeit sometimes just a yes or a no, but again faster than I expect it. Designs are fast too. Garments are great too! I will be back for sure
rating 1/5 Date: 01/03/2016
Wow glad i didn order from them. The email i got from the guy was ridiculous. Saying he will take action against me if i was to write a bad review. He wants $100 for a design he didnt even create all he did was change the colours.
rating 1/5 Date: 03/02/2016
This is without doubt, the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Bar none. I ordered training singlets for my football team, and gave them a design and required sizes/amounts and a date we needed them by. (We were travelling to Cairns and Beastwear guaranteed they would be delivered before the required date). I called almost every day leading up to leaving, and the 'manager' guaranteed they would arrive. Then they didn't return my calls and the singlets didn't make it in time which the whole point of getting them. After a few calls and no apology, the singlets arrived once we returned home. Unfortunately, they sent the incorrect amount of singlets AND none were the correct size. Not one. I called again and asked for a refund, and Beastwear were rude, making it out like it wasn't their problem. They finally agreed to a refund once I sent the singlets back which I did. I contacted them numerous times and they said they didn't get them. I called Australia Post, who said the item was tracked and was delivered as advertised. Beastwear still refused a refund. I had to contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading who managed to get us a store credit with Beastwear but not a refund. And this was a 'gesture of goodwill' by the manager. This company an absolute disgrace.
rating 1/5 Date: 09/11/2015
DO NOT ORDER FROM BEASTWEAR! We have had nothing but rude, abrupt, extremely VAGUE and unhelpful communication from Beastwear representatives. The ordering process was shambolic and any questions asked to Beastwear would illicit vague and unhelpful answers. We should have not bought from them, and taken the communication as a warning sign. The products that turned up are nothing like what we asked for and paid a lot of money for - randomly sized and all over the shop- now we have a heap of unwearable products. They are flat out denying it when you can clearly see the products received are so far from what we wanted and poorly made! Check it out for yourself - they dont have the review function on Facebook because it would be terrible!
rating 1/5 Date: 05/11/2015
DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE They were rude, poor communication and would do a absolutely nothing to help Ended up going elsewhere and had much better experience
rating 1/5 Date: 30/09/2015
Absolutely appalling to deal with.
rating 1/5 Date: 14/08/2015
WARNING - DO NOT DEAL WITH BEASTWEAR!!! I have had to go to fairtrading about getting my money back. Extremely poor customer service and extremely rude people. Refuse to answer emails or phone calls. Made off with $475.00 of my money! Pathetic
rating 5/5 Date: 18/01/2015
We had a rushed order just before Christmas to be ready after new year. They were very helpful with changes to the design and logo, colour etc, and correspondence was first class. Great value and the shirts were delivered well in time. Will definitely use them again.
rating 1/5 Date: 09/09/2014
Asked before I ordered if the kits would be ready by my required date, was advised that yes they would be if I paid. Emails and service were good leading up to payment, as soon as payment was made I had to chase and chase and struggled to get a response. Kits arrived 2 weeks late than advised and some very rude emails from Beastwear were sent my way... Highly unreliable and very poor customer service.
rating 1/5 Date: 12/05/2014
I placed an order with the company, for a week I sent emails and left messages chasing my order, they refused to send me a photo of the final product before I paid the balance and knew I required them for an event. So in good faith I paid for the goods and what they relieve red was faulty, incorrect colours and the design was different to the approved design. As they were required for an event and didn't have time to remake, I asked that they either replaced them after the event or provided a discount on the shirts, both of which they refused. Not once did a manager call me or anyone for that matter, I left several messages and never heard back from them. I would not recommend them to anyone and will never use them again. Terrible product and very unethical company.

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