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rating 4/5 Date: 05/01/2013
I usually write quick-fire reeivws but since I am first here I will provide a little detail. This book is co-authored by two cosmetic dermatologists and a naturopathic doctor. The book is not at all about standard treatments in cosmetic dermatology and is focused entirely on diet, lifestyle, supplements, natural skin topicals and why the skin is a marker of internal health. Positive: Very interesting book and captured my attention from page to page. Very detailed science and technical information put into simple terms for a generally easy read. The basics within the book have been covered elsewhere (e.g. Perricone) but there is so much new information within this book that I have not read in other books and magazines. I have known about the sugar and skin glycation material for a while but these authors focus on the glycated products in foods we eat (based on food preparation techniques) and how steaming, stewing, poaching and cooking with water can influence skin health. They also make a convincing argument for a connection between the intestinal tract and healthy skin. Two chapters are devoted to oral dietary supplements and so-called natural ingredients (nutrients and herbals) that are found more and more often in topical products. These I found quite informative and will be a reference as I navigate the topical selections in Whole Foods. Some 40+ recipes are in the back that I have not tried but look good. The information on sleep and mind-body medicine related to skin explained precisely how stress can take its toll on the skin. Lots and lots of research with 500+ references provided. What I really liked were the discussions of old dermatology teaching (textbooks quoted from the 1940s) and the old advertisements (Posts cereal claiming in 1930 that Your dining table can do damage that your dressing table can't repair; also an old ad in the New York Times during the 1930s for an acidophilus milk and a radiant complexion!!). The book is definitely part history book, and the authors show how the old observations fit well with the latest scientific results. Maybe the strongest argument they make is that the state of aging skin is a very good reflection of internal health and not just a matter of vanity. Negative: Although the chapters on internal supplements and natural-based topicals were thorough and up to date, I felt that there should have been more of a summary or action plan. A plan for diet was provided, so why not incorporate a top picks of internal and topical remedies on one or two pages. The authors discussed many supplement and topical options but really left it for the readers to decide. You will have to wade through the usual advice on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish oil and the basics. However, delivery of the information did provide interesting context and history, and the fresh information more than outweighed the blah, blah of eat more fruits, vegetables and fish . While the book was not heavy in specifc product endorsements (minimal compared to Perricone!), and there seemed to be an even distribution of mention of a wide variety of companies, there was no disclosure by authors on relationship to these companies. I like product guidance but I also like to know about potential conflicts. At least when Perricone plugs his products on every 2nd page, you know that it is his company! Bottom Line: Despite some of the negatives it is a book I highly recommend. This is not the first book to cover nutrition, lifestyle and skin aging, but it is probably the most thorough and up to date. This area of research seems to be moving rapidly and the authors appear to be ahead of the curve. Since I like history and like to know the reasons why I should make a dietary change or take a certain supplement, I found it to be very interesting. Even if you have a slight interest in maintaining healthy skin, this book is worth a read.

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