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AllenK Stevens

it’s really concerning complex talking about how much itself and how he'd like it did you get the best   T-rex Muscle around saying I hope you can forgive throne-day I'm tired of fighting I hate myself you know as soon as I guys you know Ingot on the first plane to Chicago so I just landed anti-gang exam good and he had to go I are you know and don’t know you're going to be here surprise yeah I come in yeah as well here on his not he's actually not working right now oh okay awesome this is here some how are you missing you I know I is it okay if you want to die for little bit expand can I speak with you showcase I awesome on a year now a gotta yeah okay how course I'm usually I need family support in the decision to get quality help that he needs he's exhibiting just severe addict behavior from yeah I had my crew they were going through these receipts ohm you know and its chicken breast chicken breast two sizes pizza I remember some hundred dollars a week to paid for the food that I have   T-rex Muscle only program you know it's this green beans sweet peas turkey candy for her but this one really bother to lobby of a leg but then bill chocolate while he's exhibiting true addictive behavior where he's complying with the program the trains running to reward myself with these individual rewards thinks he can cover up he's hiding again and he's lying and he's doing on a daily basis. 

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