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Guys any other questions alright well looks like we're not that we're going to wrap it up here I am so it here this evening thank you again for joining this link so there make sure you click on them a few it likes you tryout a cheap router or months and a sister had thank you everybody thanks guys halloos peacekeepers this is Vincent more and I'm doing today over good out with Tony Stubblebine Tony thanks so much for taking the time to chat with the Buddhist geeks yes thank you for having me not to be here over disputes nice and just a little bit a backrub the furry jump into our conversation tony is the CEO and cofounder as accompany called left at which produces the limp out and what you going to talk about here in a minute and before that you are sister the company called crowd line which a I remember using it for a little while I was like in a bent the like it's going to bet type of program up so you've been to the in the entrepreneur old sort Silicon Valley world perk for a while it sounds like yeah for a while I actually my proper founder a this Vitafirm company I got started in the Midwest where working I or MasterCard and we like I think we both came to the conclusion that we wanted to do really meaningful work and so but the bus and out here separately so what start-up actually I before I sorry man a bit lower other so or for a podcast and start a up which is actually a up ended up doing one significant bank which is it's the company that it spun outtalk and also the six you there whether and then I guess late you know LA I had my own idea that I want a or about that one thing I like but thought about it there.

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