Liori Diamonds

2 West, 47th Street, Suite 1205, New York, NY, New York, NY 10036

Liori Diamonds is an online retailer of a wide array of diamond jewelry, offering a large selection of diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelet, diamond wedding bands and more, the company's website offers pictures of each make and model.

Liori Diamonds offer a great selection of the world’s finest cut diamonds. Each diamond is delicately chosen for extraordinary cut, color, clarity and quality. The quality and value of our Liori Diamond products are our greatest priority. Our standards are amid the highest of all jewelers and diamond dealers. At Liori Diamonds, we offer a risk-free shopping experience for all of our clients by providing them with exquisite, valuable diamonds for all of the jewelry needs. All of our products are made with the most preeminent materials with extreme craftsmanship. We create jewelry that envelopes the essence of style, uniqueness and value. We offer the design of high end items at an affordable price to all. We are confident that you will not find the quality, design and price of jewelry that Liori Diamonds offers, anywhere else. These factors alone have driven thousands of people to Liori Diamonds and have made them clients for life.