IcePower Industrial Cleaning & Lead Paint Removal

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Tim Fraatz

IcePower Dry Ice Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne and Geelong can assist you with all your dry ice cleaning needs. Whether its smoke removal, glue removal or general industrial cleaning you require there is no job that we can't handle.
Our Services:
Ice blasting
Cleaning of production equipment in major facilities
Conveyor Belts
Packaging Equipment
Damage after fires
Industrial Cooker Cleaning
Lead Paint Removal
Lead Paint Stripping

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning
 A Dry Cleaning Process: Dry ice blasting is a completely dry process because dry ice pellets consist of CO2 and vaporize immediately on contact with treated surfaces.

 No Waste Disposal: The system produces no waste products. Only the coating that has been removed remains to be disposed of, and this can usually be swept or vacuumed from the floor.

Environmentally Friendly: Dry ice blasting is completely non-toxic and no hazardous chemicals are used. Costs connected with the disposal of blasting materials and solvents are saved. The CO2 is a byproduct from the extraction of natural gas.

No Abrasion: Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and therefore surfaces are treated very gently. Wear and tear resulting from the use of steel brushes, scrapers and other blasting materials is avoided.

 Improved Production Quality: Dry ice blasting often allows the production equipment to be cleaned while in operation without the need for dismantling and costly downtime ... a significant economic benefit.

 Fast & Effective: Dry ice blasting is ideal for removing coatings such as adhesives, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, soot, mould release agents and bitumen - to name but a few of the materials we remove daily using the process.

 Non-conductive: As the process is completely dry and non-conductive, dry ice blasting can be used where other methods are unsuitable. For example, electric motors and equipment with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components can be cleaned direct using dry ice blasting.

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