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if I get a response back in and itsays its it successful this now eliminate some problems fromthe potential trouble shooting a man at work it tells me that I'm guaranteed that on that hunters  Nitro X Proseries  and guarantee probablyninety-plus percent guaranteed that there's nothing wrong at thephysical layer because it later one was not working it means that everything else above itis going to be broken if layer 2 is working where's the iPlayer to is not workingwhere to is not working and likewise everything about it is going to bebroken but based on the fact that at layer 3this is working is working and I was able to ping from the sourceto the destination   Nitro X Proseries  what does this tell me about thecommunication between them if an order for layer 3 to work a layer2 and 1/2 to work and layer 3 is working them what to tellme K at least basic layer 1 at layer 2network is is fine it doesn't necessarily mean that there'snothing wrong with like the TCP transport between them or that there's nothing wrongconfiguration wise.


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