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Max Boost Omega is a steroid hormone secreted by the testes in humans. This hormone is also produced by the woman's ovaries and adrenal glands, but in significantly lesser amounts. Max Boost Omega secretion begins during Max Boost Omega life and comes into play in sexual differentiation that begins in the third month.  Max Boost Omega production stops at birth and resumes at puberty. Role of Max Boost Omega Max Boost Omega is an androgenic hormone, a hormone responsible for male physical characteristics, such as the development of male genitalia, hairiness, or the moulting of the voice. 

Max Boost Omega also has an anabolic role, which means it promotes the development of muscles and bones. Finally, Max Boost Omega is necessary for spermatogenesis (production of spermatozoa. It is also what one might call "the hormone of sexual desire". Max Boost Omega due to lack of Max Boost Omega Max Boost Omega deficiency can lead to decreased libido and Max Boost Omega (impotence. For example, some forms of obesity are likely to cause a decrease in Max Boost Omega levels. Indeed, a significant increase in the fat mass causes the transformation of part of the Max Boost Omega into estrogens.

 These sex hormones can then lead to the appearance of feminine characteristics, such as a breast thrust for example. Max Boost Omega decreases with age Finally, a Max Boost Omega deficiency is often related to age. In many cases, the resulting Max Boost Omega can be treated with drugs. But before resorting to treatment that increases Max Boost Omega , it is better to screen for prostate cancer. Because in the presence of this type of cancer, such treatment would be likely to favor the development of cancer cells.

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