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carbSugar Balance ohydrates) eating approach to maintain stable blood sugar levels. We also realize that for almost all of us, focusing on food alone just isn’t enough. If you are sensitive to blood sugar swings, prone to sugar cravings or if you have a family history of diabetes, a form of diabetes or even insulin resistance yourself, then you can benefit from natural supplementation for blood sugar support. Top 5 supplements for Blood Sugar Control: 1. GlucoVive™: This is a key supplement to take at meals, as it helps promote stable blood sugar levels and healthy glucose metabolism. Those who are sugar sensitive find this supplement to be extremely effective in helping with blood sugar balance, and it can helps to reduce the blood sugar crashes that cause sugar cravings. 2. Metabolic synergy: This multivitamin, designed by a doctor specifically for those seeking blood sugar support, is the one we recommend. It helps by assisting in the conversion of carbohydrates to be used for energy and providing specific nutrients for this mechanism. It can improve your cells' sensitivity to insulin, and in turn, improves your ability to turn the carbohydrates that you eat into fuel and energy instead of storing them as fat, or keeping them in your

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