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New York, Nyabing, WA 10012
Linda Meehan

Use his no Joe Cole name in association with well I don't know that not all her that's interesting but be yet it's my understanding that he didn't want to license the concept it at all at in the beginning he just wanted his the bastion for bodybuilders in the world and because his job although of course in all I love you guys Arnold yourself Lou I assume that you probably split time between the original gelds gym and now his is the World Gym he opened up and Main Street right well it's really funny because a gold had moved at that time I think they moved over on the second Street Santa Monica everybody went over there and then Joe vitafirm open the gym it 2210 Main Street right and I live right across street on strand yeah in all the guys that were with Joe back in those days we're very loyal to him none of us want a gold with that we wanton roll in okay and that's where I went aka I had to keep my loyalty a to him and then course the world as well and in bed just wonderful can we had seen crew back in goal to change a different crew Churl so and then he moved again to over by Brooks yeah because there's gymnastics building no Abbot Kinney that every Kenny here okay and then he moved into the old sizzler to and by that time I was living in the valley so I don't want to slap on affair in five every day but I always stop by and visit on weekends what's the story about did you mention at one point that Joe actually opened up a world gym near you in the valley of this is really funny I was driving back and forth in Sherman Oaks Santa Monica train every day it was getting. 

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