Women do many tricks to make their eye lashes strong, thick and longer

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That's it and the same diet that prevents stroke and cancer also prevents heart disease and diverted to Los is protects against emphysema and dementia macular degeneration evening just want to have servings of fruits and vegetables every day you cut your risk getting cataracts five-fold that's how amazingly powerful these on foods on was saying but less heart disease cancer stroke aren't those the top three killers in the US yes indeed and you get all their wrapped up into one when you eat your greens in fact your veggies as well I'm so the world health organization is blamed literally millions of deaths every  Rejuva Lash yearn inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption and so we should meet our fruits and vegetables as if our lives depended on it because guess what it divers soul try to poor veggies on everything the more vegetables the better no longer should anyone in this room ever have pasta with Martin ourselves they should have pasta with Mar are some slot some vegetables dumped on top never again a bean burrito but a beberlacked some vegetable stuffed inside as many as we can possibly stuff in our face what's to recommend anyone know what the recommended minimum number daily servings a person vessels recommended by the federal government the body I'm a day of practice right worm the official recommendation was just bombed now 9 a day nine servings insight you were doing so good before now we're really behind and I'm 42nd whom I have been many of us heard about this change from five a day 29 a day one don't expect to hear about it anytime soon as the federal government spends about ten million dollars every year educating Americans about healthy eating that’s how much MacDonald spends every 48 hours on advertising that's less than what a single candy corporation spends every time a single brand of chewing gum every year you'll never see an ad on TV for this morning how these things on Planet.


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