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The Vince doing so the characters you know see a strong you are so we can do is membership no streaking overhead press whose cultural us alleged ship just because waging ocean people will on this one and community shoulders just as well as an overhead press days into pre heavy exercise do so know we could you not be stacking together but I'm trying to look at three does little to mass in power so but something them Neuro3x together this process added  pounds by some reps and then we can move on over to our second set seconds I'm going up to  pounds in with you eight reps for the second set again on edge about like - minute rest period do about two minutes period even lets what’s up to two meters I feel like the little bit more just all bit too much arrest I'm you go super Neuro3x heavy then obviously you want to wait little longer weekly radio but me personally I just I like due to a few minutes I can get a lot in T its us world pieces yes artificial princess commercials going to  calls I support this authors said aiming for eight reps but how we got seven said fuck Neuro3x do a job said was San Macintosh Mountains homes was reps drives C here perfect boy's handover from I'm not sure the press don't you know the super-set the super set we're doing lateral raises super cell in with double for reasons so answer now  pounds am going for  reps on the lateral raises and I'm drop the way and be on 's for racism the dual  reps so a  Neuro3x trip speech arm on somnolent level I'm going about your local so you know in a much higher everybody higher than your its much worse movement energy John shoulders it takes only structural she persuasively boy me and overpasses movies for another edition on these furriers you like a suicide groups on chromosomes to the outer edge the dumbbell and Neuro3x Jehovah II the problem with the plea so I'm not resting like my phone on my upper hand on the double again it's a little more inches onto the front bill we also one thing the agency's I'm doing right to my body and can I swing my body in half and that sit in the front L plan of action right now bro in  his slow here daily it seconds sprint races King group changed the world the Neuro3x world doing it are old %uh do home do T home do here of you from under said this doom me home shoulder baby they so choose I used yourself she orange shop this her home respite period X home doom do home water special it's like trucking great for you this officer’s me so Neuro3x are to relax a little bit its gets here at it right it as adenine’s yeah yes sir hello there yeah yellow happiness he hopes the like  pars and exercise very and with the shoulders procedure I think.

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