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Know the latest Oprah Winfield star what those programs valid you know fired where they fired I’ll drop or fired yeah Dancing with the Stars last I don't you know that's what we need could happen I what how do you know where the hell you would share how to <a href="">Herbal Cleanse Plus</a> use has say I miss I was I will the reason that that I was respected as am route was what Iran CNN it was that way now we wait and we did want some sensational stories when Jessica fell down the well we covered it for boy and one which OJ Simpson or yet we even had away you lie executives after the jet Jessica down the well everybody remembers that story I mean we wanted to know if we were going to get out like those miners in Chile I was a great story you know that but saw what the ratings were so high during Jessica’s time that one of our executives suggested that we go out and put candy bars around out make it well I applauded tell he was joking what he was joking I want to make it clear yet Rs how do you get the next uh these stories get on the air you know you sit there and that is we should cover this we should cover that we shouldn't cover this we should go with that and too much other programming people in here that you are responsible for the ratings and day they wanted they what they want OJ Simpson to drive around Los Angeles for  all with it but are you following helicopter ride like he what's he going to do that well highly translate that into covering global health I do you make that a hot story while you’re not going to get global help on the six o'clock news unless they come up with a whether solution for polio something really big because it's just it person was. 

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