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A mom they filmed a little clip from when I was eating for breakfast so if you're interested its drolly going to be at the end this video um just basically showing it is what Irate in the morning um how many points that was mom and stuff like that I am in my 30 I have 38 points pretty so it's going to bemire than one you days mom I'm not sure but because I’m bigger I have more points so I would have a 10-play breakfast now when some you guys do you like seven or six just cut he didn't have limited points and I do have unlimited plans tout I have a little bit more to use I guess you can say anyone yes so many shady and at the end of this video what a Hannah eight my house okay well I me a pretty good the whole week Thomas virus foods and stuff like that mom I didn't torching one time I went toa friend's house and she had up orange soda and I had won our site and that day and then I made it the Weight Watchers recipe I'm that online and it was for I’m pineapple upside down cake and that was five points on Penne’s delicious somehow the feeling down love you get interested in that video it's really easy to make and many you have and big sweet tooth like myself I’m those are gonna Tennessee you when you have a craving things like that but I to get over my friends house she's not in a diet or anything so she really liked it and I had a piece and a2 hum but other than that I've been really and I'm really happy and is staying omega undermine 30 claims it only eight like my average points that IAEA a day is drolly 32 and I can heat 38 but I leave some just because I don’t feel the need to use up all my opponents own I am Playhouse I'm really liking this because it up also doesn't feel like I'm beingrestricted um I can gold to a friend house and eat whatever they're having I just need portion control and I need to know what I'm eating and you know things and that time ilyliking this holy larger systems site again my third week um today started and I am and I waited myself on Monday me and out before I started I E I gave myself a color two pounds per week in the first month because I know that in the beginning he did lose a lot away I'm kind of fast but then you start slowing down so I just give myself ago love chip to pounds per week and lasts my freshly I E lost three pounds and then mom this second week that just passed I lost four pounds so that goals total %uh 7 pounds lost in two weeks I'm not bad for me it's not bad at all I feel really good com and hanging on to a point where I see let them huge difference but time I am craving more water which never drank I'm complaining like truths and.

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