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The phone was what they call arm hotline or red line which means that we had to pay the bill so the only thing that could be done with that phone is incoming text an incoming phone call sand and and let me just say this: I do not know Megan Wright I do not know the people she associate with there would be absolutely not everything in this world for me to call her and all my phone records back up the fact that that number was never call from my phone and attacked or it or calling directly now we do know onto other occasions the according to reports that rise in confirms that someone tried to access voice mail and internet at like two or three in the morning couplehours after this and were unable to do so also apparently someone had the phones did where the phones on the counter when you went to bestirred and they were gone when you got up yes sir so what so someone took the baby and the cell phones yeah and I cell phones are right there right underneath the clock radio with the light shines directly on them and inside no hitter well doctor what do I was they were missing areal vital point on these phones then the person I was called this Megan Wright not only does did not know her she is gone national TV into law enforcement she doesn't know Deborah want your sport investigation by narrowly focusing on one thing you get pigeon-holed in that investigation you're supposed to support investigation bybut look casting a wide net letting the evidence taken the direction but if you stop your conclusion and then look for evidence to back it up that's where you fail and unfortunately in this case that is clearly what happened where to take a quick break and we're going to take a look at a police really that minute how someone may have got me into this house the night the baby went missing wherever them Monday a doctor bills who said locked in closet for six years by her own parents she eighty would from the door frame this is Lawrence first interview since being rescued from that closet that's Monday closed captioning provided by WIN och them och Ali back at. 

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