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I myself have talked badly about aspartame, just look a few posts here's my forum. As I said I've read lots of studies that ensure that aspartame is consumed within a certain amount and insurance as well as immense read that say otherwise. I've seen documentaries including arbitrament me such was the adenoidal product. Currently, as I said, consumption sporadically and I'm sure the risks of consumption, I know I can repent later but still consider the very negative effects of sugar to consume too. It goes through an equilibrium consumption. There are certainly people who get along worse with the consumption of these chemicals, where some symptoms may occur rapidly after the consumption of aspartame but it is applicable to many other foods. A person may have a negative reaction by consuming aspartame and another can not have, so how can I have a reaction to eating milk products and other not and so on. Some can not eat peanuts, others can; It's a complicated issue! 
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm adept at consuming the products as "natural" as possible, without additives and processed products. With this post may not seem, I understand that, but now after I've done extensive reading around the subject again I say that I prefer aspartame (only sporadically). Just like regular fat yogurt and sometimes chocolate, moreover not use anything else and do not buy based sweeteners aspartame to make sweets or anything like that. Fox , studies will not be because they were now seeking readings I've done a few time ago, but for your participation here at the forum know you know where to look for them if you're interested, but it's there, the information is too much and can not not be easy to filter so much. coming But in your defense, as mentioned above -

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