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The key messages for consumers are balance calories enjoy your food but eat less and avoid over sized portions this is the first time that the federal government ever really addressed pushing control in any detail half a plate should be fruits and vegetables and we just talked about the importance of that and we should switch to fat-free and low-fat dairy and half love our grains should be wholegrain various foods to decrease would be to compare sodium to foods like soup bread and frozen meals and shoes those with lower numbers and to drink water instead of sugary drinks sugar and salt are two things that wended to decrease when it comes to weight management I love the title but they gave me this talk stop dying star eating to maintain way we want a balanced calories from food and beverages with calories expended and to lose weight and prevent weight gain we want to make small decreases in food and beverage calories and me what increase physical activity so we do not need to go on a starvation diet and we do not need didn't count every single calorie in a recent single thing that we put into our mouths so this is the USA's plate how many people are familiar with this new plate icon choose my plate dug up I what ways we have before the plate the pyramid exactly so Michelle Obama had decided that no way know how did she want to have another pyramid in the white house and so they would said against having another pyramid in a move towards a plate and so many advantages are that the playas that it is recommended that we have a lock plate be fruits and vegetables and a quarter grains a quarter protein as well as on the sides and healthy dairy and we heard earlier about some of the healthy choices that we should include and I'm going to talk specifically now about issues related to portion sizes and putting that into practice the issue is that it's really essential that the public understand help portion sizes compare to are commended amount afford so what is a recommended amount sell for , calorie diet which is standard average diet some people can have down to sixteen hundred people a more active younger can have up to  calories for , calorie diet. 

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