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The came to the animals tend to a hibernate in for the duration of the dry season while not those lame and us very deep perfect I think this cave wall might be no their guy grabs a six foot long stick stretches his arm into the whole should not weeks and the cave board I think this could be one of hibernation Names NEURO3X the monster quest is deep in the jungles of Cameroon searching for signs of the last living dinosaurs natives call OK elite member one I so the model MAM when I was very young what come Ferdinand was hoping his father with fishing nets when he had a frightening firsthand encounter I was something like  meters away he watched in both here and amazed long and the man yeah from the annual he's like an elephant but the net is very gnomes see to Rome classes CNN it's a very big Bang's when it comes out of the water so it makes a lot of movement on the river I not only the animal signs but the sound that it NEURO3X made terrified the ball who head lemma more Hey home for a few minutes the animals felon leaves then went back into the water women's and what comes out of the water you see something like ok the next line but bomb unions the expedition team led by Bill Gibbons and Rob molten believe they may have found the beasts hiding place we cannot think of a single other animal reptile mammal that would make borrows like the with still going in for these eventual flight far down include other side of the office hi money bank flight deeper seem to be going quite NEURO3X far entry to the bank am a special one behind me clearly depend on it for a purpose inform with the wall to the cave are like cement without powerful tools there's no way to find out a list has-been once the sealed in there as a very difficult to get them out purchase a pity we didn't have any other way of finding out what another side to this mud wall month ago them the team will continue up the jar river they spot an unusual fish floating in the water my I've never seen a mess like.

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