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The capacity to live longer but not only live longer but let vibrantly to live with capacity to live with energy to be able to do what you want to do everyday life and that's not just you know a fantasy that such as something that we can dream about that's something that's achievable that's why I'm in practice that's why I try to encourage you I try to promote you I try to get you to do that things that you need to do the choices that you have to make to do things wells a subsequently ages health was developed a whole bunch years ago and next are not next Saturday but Saturday the th at the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel wearer going to be doing a program that is really going to turn you on turn you on to your life allow you to take control to split this which and all kinds of things relative to vitamins in New change that if you take them and you make sure you gain in your diet and not necessarily just by taking a pill but in your foods will make you healthy and give you energetic we're going to tell you things that you need to avoid to really prolong your life and sustain your immunological factors know we live in world radiation today we've seen things happen unfortunately Japan and there's other things you don't even know about but our bodies are being exposed men teach you how to protect yourself from that and in the Belmont health care health care reform as this government is administration wants to put upon us what I want you didn't know is that you really don't need anybody except yourself to keep you healthy and when you start thinking that but somebody else a job other than yours big mistake huge mistake you've got to change things and now some encourage you to register and I'm going to give you a couple reasons that you need to today see dean is coming to a conclusion and registrations coming to a conclusion pretty quickly products you know what. 

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