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Retirement wither 92-year-old husband and Peterborough very important new yet invited by Cousteau to 

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 revisit the scene of the tragedy after a lapse in sixty years she was quick become adventuring would be receiving their work you I'm my she does three you program again water you know yet if that is safety away even gave emergency only want that and I yes going any an ego I don't know if you have a hundred them named and I'm I would like to know any more about it about what happened at the when the ship ways fact I you said you heard a big boom 0 I meant that half party make you had a big did you take care or you think going to get here in a letter and a green making thanks man I'm there I know if and him any nice think I'm coming out my company held him back to his wing K you can nominate you mean it if you find it he may not be me made meanwhile many OK the first team with divers ram en call Manchurian little and found them prepares for dissent bedroom specialist in deep diving not appear cabal standby a constant vigilant president what in his heavy oversize tanks each diver carries a carefully prescribed reading next yea rend helium nitrogen and oxygen adjusted to the extreme depth at the time a formula to time in two years trial and analysis in coming days with alkyl Patrick de llama and captaincousteau himself the calypso team will make no fewer than68 man dives to search the retired whale in the depth at which the divers must work each man is permitted no more than 15 minutes before he must begin the long decompression procedures because the minutes accountant from the moment of submersion divers drops with glee download the net to 150 feet plum has submersible.

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