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That because people have already a tough enough time to afford the gas to get the work why would you go to them as is ok we can get our act together now it’s your fault because the charge you so that's not the way to go see this is why it is very important that the status have been here and explain this to the people and NEURO3X I think the people appreciated everyone took I have people coming up to me on the streets I'm a no go around when I go out to the goat pox and play with the kids a oh yes there was a shooting range morning a shooting with may have it may Sun the skeet and trapshooting it people came up to me all the time missus look I know it's going to be tough I know NEURO3X that this could be good make cuts in education cuts in health can all those different things but state %uh from this because we need this thing is so commander we need to go and really be fiscally responsible that every time you have a bump in the road here you go in charge you increase the taxes owed so it's going tube different for the only way we're going to be able to do with his bow of us working together and of course with you throughout the budget s o NEURO3X you understand when I did my budget presentation and generate that that was my way of saying he is my solution the problem now good luck Republican legislators in the Democratic legislators both at them now have to come and start negotiating that they may come up with different ideas in I made it very clear that I’m open-minded I'm inclusive I want to get all of the NEURO3X ideas is a  legislators in that building or bright there or brilliance and they all are willing to make things that he broke into to do what is best for the people of California so I'm going to work together with them soothe because I'm not that the only one that is running the capital so we all that a group to go but he was my solution to the problem now let's hear what the  NEURO3Xothers have today yes the president you flap you have received black he checked his first or there's a very good question because you have a big mess enough prisons because there's too many ships the drag do you knows you the you know.

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