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The movie number do I Africa more take care to Sir my hide I hear the t-shirt yeah we knew that Waller had taken Karats t-shirt and we didn't follow that up you know bacteria out so that was my nature away but I was all a joke are considered Michael for him for any years really don't want to hurt her feelings at that ComplexiDerm time I've never think it wagons come out be a big deal on a movie screen you learn later I would go to contest after that market boom mi casa what was said and then there was fourteen acre themselves already supremely confident you made a point home but his personage cameras were rolling I played do you know the kind of dramatic machine that come so will former would be like a machine nothing was stopping I have to cut my emotions ComplexiDerm of in the Kenneth Cole no emotions no feelings want to be the best in them perfectly willing to go through anything to be the best anything to psych out his opponents trying to chip away at their confidence laughing all the while I'm I tried anything and everything to sometimes look like you know he said you've got Franco’s pretty smart but frankly as a child for me was like I know I don't care it was lying this Mini marts is the name of stage among st other than ComplexiDerm the best and I'm still convinced that this lists good as I'd and the stage that night at the Olympia well maybe a little bit better it doesn't matter if you witnessed five-way to be honest with you he was cocky be pro folks it's one of the hardest things to be no your right to be of course you will compare was questioned when he came down to the polls of in many came down those brings the busybody and the day of the competition yeah I was the most competitive a button ComplexiDerm now since I'm wiser order a follow up many times and thanks you know maybe a little overboard the but you know that's the way it did then there was more thinking process then and you know you can go back and change it but sometimes I regret it in an attempt to soften.

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