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Have significant in deadly risks such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding perhaps Mayor Bill symptoms were not from a pulmonary embolism after all but fatal internal bleeding from steroids one of the things that she's complaining about is some of fullness in her abdomen she fills aver abdomen is really for now she said the united states that she’s coughing up blood there's blood in the mouth when she gets to the emergency room occasionally we see people who can't tell where that leads coming from there actually getting it off from their GI tract so we'll have to see yes a safe a pulmonary embolism internal bleeding steroids in this case it will take a full autopsy to  Safer Colon know for sure what cut marble Simon’s life short beginning with the external examination doctor G examines mare bills body she can see that doctors tried desperately to save her life she's got numerous interviews catheters and I only eat a jeep and resuscitation pad all those things we see when they ‘retrying to resuscitate somebody cut she dies suddenly washes in the hospital she notes right away that her lupus does seem mild as the doctor indicated I don't see any the classic ale findings salute this I don't see anything on them the disk or draft to the mailer rash on the face approximately thirty to fifty percent overall patients with lupus develop a mailer more butterfly rash across the face or losses are also a common complication lupus but doctor G finds no sign of them either what she does discover however is that Mara bills lower extremities are swollen with Adina more fluid which can indicate a blood clot in the legs to preload to a pulmonary embolism we lost and measure the circumference the leg classically well we would see is one like maybe a little more damage than the other because you can have it and maybe one the other mom when I to the external on her reduce the swelling its bilateral. 

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