It seem like it wasn't there but it wasn't so naturally this before we did the muscle gene stashed naturally we started changing the car but we were eating we start doing like know how to cook more study actually started to cook more some eating way healthy crabs doing like sweet potatoes doing a lot being la really good vegetables and things that are low on the glycolic index and I started to take off this body fate was in car before bed I was eating bagels break before bed althea time just as a snack and now you know we can tell the difference in you can go to Scotts videos from probably ALPHA CUT HD   the proven their  in tell the difference so for us the report prove it to us so it actually recommended that we stay on a low-crab high-protein diet and said very specifically that we have to eat low glycolic up carbohydrates fats such sweet potatoes because that's genetics of there's no fighting that genetic something we get a check  in on the flip side I’m sure you guys I realize this if you're not the same about as a secure the opposite it might not matter what you eat for caret so we can you can see you can go eat whatever you want man I wish those like gays but I actually knew from before that I did not handle cars well at all in a lot of information you see out there and I love to read and I do a lot of research sometimes makes you think you're crazycuz I like everybody eating all the delicious stuff.
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