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Doing here and it feels great this has been this has been so of them to be here today with everybody I know how much Levi energy that gives you for his healing process you know it's just it's great absolute right so how to get that injury by the way typically injuries like theist I had have a I have kind of a per-event and we don't know what that prove that was but it was most likely plan tackle football on the beach and why airplay and volleyball I'm things were there is up high-impact weight training and aerobic exercise are you really not going to cause this type of injury because you need you typically need violent event and I'm when you're in your twenties you just get knocked down and you like Pratt so you get back up in its really completely different I'm on your joints and ligaments right but once you get here bored he is and what you get closer to 50 I the look tendons and ligaments cartilage it just changes so maybe I was playing sporting going atilt a little bit like I was still in my twenties I guess at who knows what it was I you know see skiing I'm you know playing tackle football on the beach volleyball somewhere I'm out there really exerting myself and its debts generally a sports injury that's right and it was a ticking time bomb because when I come down the stairs that in my I'm that ten was hanging only a thread literally the thing that's surprising is that the left one got taken out when the right when yeah you know I mike is that a good thing or you know because it's like now they're both done the same time have to worry about the other one later on though bill does that the yeah all the way but yeah I totally in this is this is great lesson here to take better care of your body you know and to be outing for you.

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