WeIgHt LoOs bUrNIeR SuPPleMeNt

NY, 10012
smisprome 1933

I'm on some business so antes arm he's in this server are become boy I've for official cars he's in the limousine they picked him up these governor of the state and the Chief Minister of the state was sitting next to him in that thing and a armed say the down comes to his am to his side at the car and knocks on his window and the ad and has to move the meeting gave his name into are your are you that mad yes Say Baba sending for you Say Baba who oh yes they had not been ruled that sir come from some ways nearby he always in my head in the mad rush yes he is now asking for you he knows me like that at me and he goes there and then the ad and he's still who totally be throttled by bob Woodward sent for him and do you you've known me I've known you all your life and the river and this man is actually older than bob was in age you know the years and Baba said do you remember the air raid warden and apparently this man's life for Benny was in London during the Blitz a he chose one night not to BR the after the siren said gone ought not to go into the shelter but stay in his little room then Garrett Grumman topper slum apartment house I and is pro the blinds down and get some sleep he was trying to do is this attention had and keep some and he had are jobs to do that's ok he term this or air raid warden this helmet that guy with big redfaced Englishman he said came up to his place in program on the bed and then took him down into the shelter and and as soon as it was in the shelter num and close the doors for me the big steel doors from the outside there was this huge explosion when they finally got out a couple years a couple days later many were dug out a just the your remains have the first three stories that this seven story building we left he was up on.


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