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He said hey what you doing and I sad well I'm driving down Manchester got where you don't I said I'm looking for a food place now you hungry you're hungry already it at lunch time air and I said um and I just started to cry and then I pulled into a parking lot of good and I’m looking for a place to eat cut I’m so sad and I don't know what else to do hmm and it was at that moment that Idealized that I with you think food to make myself happy I did you think trying to reach back to my childhood to White Castle 100 hour-long conversation with my dad in the parking lot and then realized that I had to get helpansel I am so I did I thought %uh help through a weight loss agency that help the real life for the first time I like the youth that it not about food it's not about yeah I only say that if a diet was the answer if some have machine was the answer if there is a DVD or pill that that waste answer we wouldn't see the problem that we see in the reports which wouldn't see the promise out on the street I wouldn't have the problem I and you would have had the problem you had there was something has been missing and what my program does that's different from everything else is out there is it really helps a person focus in on how to change your mind set with the exercise so that soon exercise becomes as basic as hygiene the right foods become as basic EU as putting on make upon as to when you're here in the morning as getting dressed so that no longer are you confronted by this complex day after day trying to figure out what your going to do so few people I work with have strategy you know you can really want something really bad but without an effective map you now can you get there and secondly you for now willing to get real with yourself let's face it is painful to take responsibility in say I'm where I am not because the menopause not because of my history not because my family not because my genetics I'm where I am because my choices book you're overweight you're not happy with whatever you like because. 

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