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The difference this I can seat acting different number character dropped out very different then when I was in this and before right is that what ‘sup it's really important for your business I highly recommend this it keeps them accountable their both your you can't be okay very started the program  there she call he comes out every if a month and they're down  pounds in their first too much it order to call your mom looks like there’s a call if you shift every month Cooper good not good solid challenger got former making progress in a way of area from his regular check all your regular beef because it's not our shipping they're not drinking axis I it they’re not running out every month their drinking every day this is basic math so it might seem weird track when your child under I don't think I don't like back from like all about the money for now because their story for you really know if we're drinking at every day this is pretty straightforward and what if you're on someone right next to them who starred on the same day are shipped on the same day walk a third of the way and you see the did it got your they returned her out it's your responsibility as a coach to reach out say not reach your goals are all improbable corner you talk about this hold them accountable forgot first what makes you a better cook it if you can believe the highlight for proper like I mentioned earlier in the coach Michael honor him the two coast Robert Koch cycle you wanton be able to say euro first record remember that and you want that information right Bernie you're smarter order parking lot you know X percent of your body fat you realize her do incredible has anyone noticed what great for you be able to feed immediately wear trousers are rivaling on the highway I you can actually use this to you note for white if you talking about coaching and what they said.

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