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The world you're going to be on the same field Jonathan Comes trained on Eric Young trainer fight you can use the same equipment so when we say that you're part of it integrated family me site where you think it did I mean this nuts a others everything I mean why I am know stuff like this insisted maybe I is one the most amazing facilities in the world on the bill would go to the cages bat six in the morning if I mean to you in just have always access unlike everything's awesome speaking about althea heading in trading your going to do like to go see him right now about do its much character mark okay keep it going you're getting free he wants to go home we talk about a I just saw them for an hour in the car on the drive to this hotel a four phone calls his pipe voice now and a text message abreact on that he know by said from I'm sure to call you show a Irish cock he has your support I've been crying all for long already know what I want to do I just like being on camped here for me Donnie fuck all I got this what he wanted this is the best thing that could possibly happen for what he says he wants but she money she's at the hotel tonight so let's sit-down with them just hype about tomorrow hopefully these despicable things into perspective for news you really can't you can do this home be on it yes give us your thoughts numerous here till this whenever all this started I thought I'mgonna you know finisher get skin removal do the finale at finale get this gigantic huge contract get all these doors men's I thought I'm going to do this make as much money as I can as fast as Icon and then like the whole thing with Brian it’s so sad I am so upset and I'm so sorry for what that's the that wa.

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