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I think for about - hours after you apply it so I can be inconvenienced you want to play with your kids are so you just applied it you want to make love you know you really have to wear shirt or something so that you don't get the transference now I'm not quite sure how a big ideal it is has been a few studies on it there have been reported cases were think there's a case where young boy started to experience early puberty because it rubbed off from his father so it is possible definitely if you’re around females pregnant you want to maybe avoid this type of application make sure you take the measures to prevent it the other issue with the jails as well as if you're not paying for through insurance to be quite costly I can be a few hundred dollars a month out-of-pocket I'm so that's another reason while you may not want to look at it but if you have insurance the general can be covered in I think you get a cocaine about fifty dollars a month in most cases so they can be quaking be in a lot of guys like them and that's why they tend to be most popular also there's a lot of physicians TRT physicians do you like the gels because the can mimic where they do mimic the more natural rhythm have to start in releasing the body cut you're taking them on a daily basis rather than an injection say once or twice a week I so it does make the natural rhythm love your hormones little bit better also the gels and the creams canaries DHT which is two hundred testosterone this can be really great for guys withal the be ok as it is intimately involved in sex drive by it also can cries male pattern baldness of your eulogy genetic predisposition to balding a having higher levels a DHT and I can accelerate that process that something to keep in mind as well another form their again is a very popular tool used by some positions but it's not very popular are testosterone pellets now. 

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