That you'd because you big slowing that that metabolism down a bit yeah  I'd those are not nuts are very high in fat believe it or not they're not classified as a protein source their current their classified as a fat source so if you're doing a lot of not as your smack you've got to be careful if you've got high left RVTL ANTI AGING in mobile because they are a fat source not necessarily a protein source some knots are better than others so like almonds would be better peanuts they're just fat they have some protein but there really more fat so almonds raw almonds or on cashews are still there high in fat to pistachios is definitely a fat now yep any pop popcorn got a RVTL ANTI AGING lot of harm Senate I'd say its profits if it's called skinny Papa Murphy's just popcorn you know I’d look at what is in here as a preservative because Mike at my question would be it’s very hard to find a concert with not genetically modified these days sofas in GM all popcorn I'd say absolutely not because that destroys the nervous system if it's a non-gm all RVTL ANTI AGING popcorn then you can go ahead and do it still be a high crab content for you but he did with a protein source should be okay as long as it was a smaller version like you and want to hold backer like you could do it you know theater I that's always a government they answer your question yes but not okay so if we want to lower locked in we do what everybody should RVTL ANTI AGING do kind of that Mediterranean diet or some people are now turned onto the Paley  diet things that grow on the land in live on the land as long as they're not genetically modified are safe to eat fruits that stifles mean protein minimal carbohydrates but if you're not going to do a lot of grain carbohydrates RVTL ANTI AGING you need increase your fiber source with your fruits and vegetables very hard to get enough fiber in you need about fifty to a hundred grams of fiber day minimum so if you can't do that in this or some vegetables and fruits then you definitely want to do an additional fiber source you know like flax seed would be a great fiber source you can new ground flax meal thrown a smoothie or sprinkle it on yogurt or sprinkle it on like some homemade granola RVTL ANTI AGING or something like that increase your fiber source um you want to make sure.

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