That my chest is sore yesterday I did a traditional just read up my lower back strain bother me a little bit some like you know I'm not merely PINK GARCINIA functional training today no twisting no medicine ball stop no jumping typically Adelaide Jewish re we training bodybuilding chest workout and basically what I just explained to you before is what I did I did three sets a flat bench press I did three sets of dumbbell PINK GARCINIA pullovers ideas three sets upheaval flies and I did three sets of dicks all till failure and my chest is crushed Wrangell store all the way from the inside all the way to the outside just an incredible workout so you have to make sure that you work hard you have to make sure that PINK GARCINIA you plan it you know what you're doing and that you know where you've been you've got to know what your listing in order know what you're going to try to lift anytime that you kind of like trying towing its never really going to work out in your favor alright cell %ah last minute PINK GARCINIA here unreal quick I want to tell you guys we are filming a more video tomorrow so we’re going to have a punch in New angry trainer workouts coming your way I meet them a little bit harder PINK GARCINIA because I you guys even set up my ass kicker workout was a little bit too easy on and now we've got some really exciting and announcements coming up in like.

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